Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Site

I did my final website over Freedom Worship Center in Dreamweaver.  The colors and photos were chosen by the client. I created the custom made header, the CSS, and links.  The client wanted the website to be clean, and easy to navigate. The target audience was the Joplin area, and the middle class. The Home page has a Flash slideshow and several other pages have smaller slideshows. The Worship Times page has a link to Google maps and shows the exact location of the church.  Current events page has a link to their custom made blog.  The Youth page has a link to the facebook page.  The Media page will have a way to access audio files and video of sermons. The Contact us page has a direct email and message box with a submit button, that sends the email directly to Freedom Worship Center's email box. Click the image about to go directly to the website.

Customer Wordpress Blog

Columbus Tae Kwon Do was my customer for my customer Wordpress blog.  The instructor needed a way to let students know about upcoming test times/tournament dates, and to share photos and information of tournaments and events. He also wanted to be able to share with other SWAT members information, photos, and upcoming events/tournaments. The target audience is the Columbus Kansas area, current students of Columbus Tae Kwon Do, ages 15-40, the middle class, and SWAT (South West Association of Tournaments) members.
I used the Columbus Tae Kwon Do logo with the blue from the logo for the background.  Keeping it simple by using black text on white background in the text area makes it easy to read. The gadgets used were image, which is nice to see what the instructor looks like first thing.  Search, used if a student is looking for a partial part of a post. Recent posts and the archives, good for looking at previous posts. The Blogroll, here I linked the SWAT member home page and Columbus Tae Kwon Do's Website.  Students will most likely be needing acess to both these websites. Email Subscription, lets students know when their instructor updates the blog.  I thought it would be neat to have a calendar so I put that on there.  Blog Stats to show how many have looked at this blog, at this time it is at an impressive 286. Click on the image above to go directly to the blog.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Microsoft Tag

I was able to generate custom Microsoft QR tags for Freedom Worship Center's website, and my own personal website.  I followed the instructions given to me on Microsoft tag's website.  I generated the tag, then used Illustrator to place the the tag and image together.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Team Site

I was part of Team 1 which did the Threvs website for Team 2.  Each of our team members was assigned to do an individual page of one person in the this photo, with the color schemes provided by them.  I did Lauren Vaughan's page.  My major roll in this team project was the portfolios for each individual page. I knew somewhat how to do this, and when the project was finished I was a pro. I also was in charge of keeping the paperwork (wireframes, client interview, etc) in a safe place, so when we needed them we would have them to use. I learned that you can't have CSS on the entire website if you plan on changing color schemes.  We had to have CSS for each individual page. This caused us a lot of problems since we didn't know this in the beginning.  I would like to learn more about CSS and how to use it better. Working on a team is hard.  Everyone has different schedules, and its almost impossible to get everyone together outside of class. Our client, team two, were great to work with.  They gave us the photos, content, and colors to use, and I had fun putting together their portfolios for them.


The top Salvation Army Angel Tree inspired me.  I decided to create an Angel Tree for the poster I did in my Digital File preparation class last semester.  I wanted an angel somewhere on the tree since that is the name of the tree, so I replaced the star with an angel.  I did all of my design in Illustrator except for the Salvation Army logo, which was a scanned image.  The planning process and my finial project of the Angel Tree can be viewed on this blog on the Monday, December 13th 2010 post.

Monday, March 21, 2011

KCT Open House video

In GIT-432 Multimedia Authoring, we each created a video showing footage of Kansas Technology Center's Open House.  My topic was Manufacturing Engineering Technology at KCT's Open house.  This includes the Formula SAE, the Waterjet cutter, and the CNC Milling machine.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Personal Web Page

When creating my personal web page, I wanted a color scheme that could apply to both men and women, but also colors I like.  Although blue is not my favorite color, I love the color of the sky.  I decided to use the blue sky in this tree photo I took to create my beautiful web page. 

Check out my personal web page at: